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Question: Which Greek hero was called "Tamer of Horses"?
Answer: Hector, one of the warriors in Homer’s Iliad, had the epithet "Tamer of Horses."
Question: In Greek mythology, who flew too close to the Sun?
Answer: The Greek myth of Daedalus is about an inventor who builds wings made of feathers and wax. His son Icarus is killed when he flies too close to the Sun, causing the wings to melt.
Question: Who was the chief god of the ancient Greeks?
Answer: Zeus was the most powerful of all the Olympian gods, whom the ancient Greeks worshipped. His name means "the shining one," perhaps a word for the Sun.
Question: Who was the Greek goddess of the rainbow?
Answer: The Greek goddess Iris governed the rainbow. Her name is bestowed upon a brightly and variously colored flower.
Question: How many gods lived on Mount Olympus?
Answer: In Greek mythology, 12 gods lived atop Mount Olympus. For this reason, they were called the Olympian gods.
Question: What is the name of the Greek goddess of the earth?
Answer: In Greek mythology, Gaea is the goddess of the earth. She is also the mother of the cyclops and the titans.
Question: Who, in Greek legend, designed the labyrinth of King Minos?
Answer: You might know Daedalus as the man who made wings of feathers and wax to escape from prison with his son Icarus. He also designed a labyrinth for King Minos on the island of Crete.
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Gods, Goddesses, and Greek Mythology

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Gods, Goddesses, and Greek Mythology
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